Local artist Alastair Taylor has been the recipient of numerous art awards in recent years, including the Robert Juniper Landscape Prize. Taylor's solo exhibition showcases his range, with painterly local landscapes, sculpture incorporating found objects, self portraiture and even tapestry. Whilst the works are presented 'In No Particular Order', Taylor's humour & artistry can be felt throughout.

He answers questions on the show for us below: 


'I studied illustration in Bath, England, from 1979-83. My whole career (assuming that it’s over, which it mostly is) was as an illustrator in the UK. For most of that time I had no inclination to  paint in my spare time, having spent the whole week drawing. But eventually the idea of Art for Art’s sake began to appeal, and I started to dabble. It was liberating, if a little scary, to start with a blank canvas and develop it in any way I wished, rather than come up with a concept to solve somebody else’s brief.'


'If there is a theme to it all, at least to the paintings, it is light. Light falling on stuff is what engages me, and what stuff it is is less important than the light itself. I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet - subject matter and medium changes all the time. I should probably focus on   one thing, keep practising, and get really good at, but It’s beyond me. Mind you, as I am lucky enough to be showing in the studio of   the great  Bob Juniper, who turned his hand to a great many things, I think I might get away with it why I even did it, but I’m completely captivated by it.'


'The thought of having seen the familiar world taken apart and put back together again in an interesting way, of having seen beauty  found in the commonplace, and, with luck, having had a bit of a laugh.'