Our Annual Collection for 2019 features works from 28 talented local & interstate artists including three recent Black Swan (now Lester) Prize winners - Antoinette Barbouttis, Jana Vodesil-Baruffi & Iain Dean.


We're delighted to share works from Juniper,  Woodward,  Boissevain, Betts and Olsen. Paintings also from Noakes, Baker, Quilty, Elwood and some familiar favourites. Glass, sculpture and an array of masterful Zeck pottery.


The quality of art is extremely high and the diversity of subject and mediums means there will be something for all art lovers to admire.

Thank you to renowned wine maker James Talijancich for opening our show, we share some of his words below:

'Thank you to all the artists for your commitment to your work that you love so be in this building which was the studio of the late Robert Juniper, where he would spend his days and many years, creating something that was uniquely Robert Juniper, that became recognised and respected by many throughout the country. 

What Robert has left behind inspires many today to continue with that which is far more than a profession, but becomes a reflection of how we feel about life ...its people, its environment and most importantly, how we feel about ourselves. 

I’m a third generation winemaker. I went through a period in my early years where I felt I needed to comply with that which was normal...techniques and styles of wines that fitted within certain boundaries of being technically correct. With constant reminders from my father, I slowly began to listen to his advice and listen to my surroundings. That truly great

wine comes from within, an expression of our environment, our fruit, and of ourselves. Our relationship with it all...and the moments, over my 40 years, where I have felt it’s just about me, I’ve received gentle and costly reminders to the contrary.


We all begin with a blank canvas, no matter what art form we attach ourselves to. The inspiration is diverse as the final outcome, but most will agree that it’s the process that is our greatest achievement and the end result is a mere reflection of it all.


As a winemaker, if I have to talk about flavours in wine  – I get bored shitless, but it’s more about its texture, mouthfeel, complexity and balance. Actually, what I’m really saying is, in the end, ‘how does it make you feel’. Does it draw you in, are you seduced by it?


Art, in all it’s forms, can have this profound affect on us all...and today we have the opportunity to experience this, and we, the public, say ‘thank you’ to all the exhibitors for sharing their passion.'

Juniper Galleries welcomes you to come and share the excitement for our last weekend, we're open 10-5 this Saturday and Sunday.