Brian Aylward has been painting his entire life and full time for the last 30 years. He has judged 31 art exhibitions, received 90 awards and commendations, and taught in 29 locations. Aylward moved to WA 51 years ago and is still astounded by our dramatic local landscape. His love of nature and continued need to express this boldness is visible throughout the show. Opening 2pm September 29 the show comprises 33 works in acrylic, charcoal, oil, pastel and mixed media.  Aylward also returns as favourite on the Mundaring Hills open studio trail later in the month and celebrated his 80th birthday on September 13.


The show will be opened by Stephen Castledine with live live music and refreshments. Join us to celebrate Aylward's fabulous contribution to West Australian arts. 


'I began my artistic endeavours at fourteen, drawing the horses of the local hunt which was sited in my village of Warnham in Sussex. Whilst working as an apprentice toolmaker I studied art in the evenings at Horsham Art School. Since then I have relied upon the great school of Practice and Creativity.'

'I have painted all my life whilst working as a toolmaker, ship's engineer, telephone cable technician, fitter, orchardist, factory manager, gold-mine foreman, prospector, TAFE lecturer and regional co-ordinator.'


'My involvement in art grew and in 1988 I had my first solo exhibition at the Glyde Street Gallery, Mosman Park. [Having just turned 80] it seemed fitting to celebrate by having an exhibition in the studio of a man whose work I admire greatly.'


'Growing up in the countryside gave me a love of nature that has not waned. The works in the exhibition represent a variety of approaches to landscape that hopefully combine to enhance one another and  provide a homogenous whole. [Over my career] I have produced a great many life and still life works by [landscapes] resonate the most. I have always been inspired by the [West Australian] light and landscape and have travelled extensively. The diversity of colour, mood and form [inspire my] continued effort to capture the feel of the place'.


'I hope that all who view the experience will enjoy the experience having seen the world through my eyes. I have no social message, just a wish to provide pleasant viewing and enhance people's appreciation of nature.'