Darlington local Jo Meredith returns to Juniper Galleries for her second solo show STATE OF FLOW.

After completing her studies in WA Jo furthered her artistic development in Florence, Salisbury, London and Tasmania. She has been painting full time for 5 years and teaches yoga and dancing. Her love of movement is visible throughout her works. STATE OF FLOW comprises over 30 oil paintings of the Pilbara, WA coast, swimmers, dogs, people and the bush. Each work captures a moment of connection or joy lived by the artist. 


The show will be opened by Gary Mitchell 2pm Sunday Nov 3 with juniper wines, music + grazings - join us!


'I’ve always needed to move and find calm in the environment. Through my yoga I’ve become aware of the richness of moments when we stop and allow ourselves to be truly present – when we’re in flow. When painting those moments I again have the opportunity to enter into a flow state. Thinking dissolves and feeling/being takes over.'


'Lived moments of the past 18months or so where I have felt truly connected to others and to our environment. Those moments where we are truly present, time slows down and our memories are rich. I have been painting and exploring Karijini, beaches and the bush (often with my dog) and I love swimming.' 


'I’d love for them to feel as though they’re immersed within the very large landscapes - I’ve tried to curate the show in a way that mimics descending into a Pilbara gorge as you first enter the gallery. I hope to remind people of their own moments of connection and joy.'


'I am incredibly grateful to Patricia Juniper for giving me the opportunity to present this work in the Juniper Studio, a space which has witnessed the creation of so many fabulous Robert Juniper works. I can't think of a better space to explore the flow state.' JM