Our last show for the year is a celebration of West Aussie talent. We bring you 22 artists showcasing fresh paintings, etchings, sculpture, woodwork, glassware and jewellery. All works are able to be taken upon purchase for convenient end of year gift giving. 

As this tumultuous year is coming to a close, we've reflected on our wonderful community and our purpose. Juniper Galleries is passionate about sharing art and supporting WA artists in the continued development of their practices. Now more than ever we need art to stir our emotions, to find humour, be provoked or calmed, engage with country, each other, and to find beauty. We are so grateful to all our artists and visitors for the richness they have brought to the year and look forward to 2021.

We would love to thank our wonderful team of hostesses Kay, Gwyneth, Barb and Bernice who have brought such fun and warmth to each opening, our firekeeper Pete, gateman Louis, maintenance Steve and Lynn Evans the creative genius. 


MIDSUMMER opens 1pm Sunday Nov 29, join us for an afternoon full of music, laughter, delish wine, nibbles and sumptuous art.


Show runs until Christmas, 10-5 weekends and weekdays by appointment, hope to see you here!

Trish and Jo x