Our hearts go out to all those whose homes were devastated by the recent bushfire and we’re so grateful to all our firefighters. Thanks to all those who checked in with Gallery, we were fine but are aware that our luck with the wind was devastating for others in the fire’s path. There were some truly stunning sunsets due to the ash and atmospheric conditions, it’s hard to believe that something that has caused so much devastation also creates these dramatic skies.

Our first show for the year REGENERATION opens March 7 with new works from sculptors, painters, ceramicists and mixed media artists. We settled on this theme in December after the tumultuous year that was 2020, wanting to start 2021 with renewed hope. From both the fires and the continued exhausting presence of covid, we see an outpouring of community care, strength and spirit. Artists have the capacity to articulate this new growth, creating something new and hopeful from the ashes. We look forward to seeing how our artists interpret the theme. 

Show to be opened at 2pm Sunday March 7 by Cheryl McCann, featured artists:

Stephanie Reisch / Jo Meredith / Ryan Ahern / Alastair Taylor / Regina Noakes / Pene Turner / William Leggett / Richard Aitken / Rory Charles / Lee Potter / Sharon Peterkin / Narayani Palmer / Bernard Ashton Kerr / Vince Austin / Nicholas Kempt / Wayne Ampetayne Davis