'The paintings in this collection have all been completed in that space between other, ‘more important’ things, between work that’s necessary, that I am obligated to engage in. Like many artists, my creative energy emerges in the gaps, the intervening periods of time when those ‘more important’ things can be ignored. 

For me, my ‘painting day’ is my breathing space, my intermission, my respite from all the distractions of life; it’s a day for exploring ideas I’ve had during the week, and releasing creative energy. So I would describe this collection of paintings as the culmination of my time-outs over the past year or two, the work I’ve done during my interludes. It’s always time well spent! In this exhibition, there are a few paintings from 2016-7, and one from 2018, but most have been painted this year. All have been done in a gap, somewhere! 

I’m drawn to the exploration of process-driven ideas, to the search for clarity and resolution in the painting, and I love the experimental side of it. But it’s such a frustrating and puzzling genre! It’s hard to explain why a painting ‘works’, what it means at the end, and why I even did it, but I’m completely captivated by it. 

Working mostly with acrylic paint, oil sticks and oil crayons/pastels allows me to work quickly on both the canvas and bass wood supports. I’ve stayed with the same materials as much as possible, just to push the possibilities of what I can achieve with them, and the work has evolved naturally, I think. 

I hope the viewer can see why I do it, and understand the attraction of those little gaps in our existence, the interludes that we all need to find. There is a whole other life in those quiet little spaces.' 


Ric Burkitt