Born in Rome in 1961, the eldest son of Vincenzo Balsamo, Roberto immersed himself in the arts: representing artists & Italian galleries at Arts Fairs, consulting & designing, constructing scenery for theatre companies, labouring & researching at stone quarries - even training to sing Italian Opera! 


His work instilled a love of marble & understanding of working with its unique properties. His own sculptural practice evolved using a wide variety of organic materials & shows passion for the interplay of positive & negative space.

Arriving in Australia in 1999, Roberto was instantly attracted to the primal, spiritual power of aboriginal art where nature & her laws are celebrated in contrast to his classical occidental training. He spent years moving between Europe & Australia, eventually settling in Fremantle with wife Matilde. Roberto furthered his practice with an Arts degree from Edith Cowan University majoring in sculpture. He refined his bronze casting technique working on the Fisherman's Monument at Fremantle Boat Harbour. One of the sculpted figures is of Roberto himself. 

The union of classical Italian training & passion for the raw qualities of primal art are visible in the sculpture Roberto displays at Juniper Galleries. Pre-eminent work Trinity is blissfully tactile, carved & sanded entirely by hand with over 20 layers of beeswax applied to create a satin touch. Roberto's work will be on display & available for purchase until April 28. Feel free to contact us for further details.