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"We must strive all of our lives to remain children." Robert Juniper
Australian Artist, Order of Australia 2011


Robert Juniper

Residence & Private Collection

One of WA's most loved and acclaimed artists passed away in December 2012 after a lifetime of creativity. Represented in state, national and international gallery collections, Robert was known for his evocative and poetic vision of the Australian landscape...

Trish Juniper

Gallery Director

A dramatic accident brought Trish & Robert together as a couple. Their story had begun back in 1981 with a chance meeting while Bob was holidaying in the UK. The cross-global friendship continued by letter for the next couple of decades...


Robert Litchfield Juniper

7 January 1929 - 20 December 2012

Visit Juniper Galleries and immerse yourself in the world that was Robert Juniper's home, studio and gallery. 

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