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A dramatic accident brought Trish and Robert together as a couple. Their story had begun back in 1981 with a chance meeting while Bob was holidaying in the UK. The cross-global friendship continued by letter for the next couple of decades. But when Trish heard that Bob had suffered a stroke in 2002, she travelled to WA to see her old friend. During her visit they were both injured in a car accident with Trish's injuries causing her to extend her stay.  The extension of their time together strengthened their bond and in December 2003 Bob and Trish married in the beautiful surroundings of their Darlington home.


Trish Juniper's care and support was the driving force behind her husband's creative genius during the later years of his life. Trish was his emotional and practical stalwart, assisting him daily in the studio and providing the optimism end energy to rebuild his health.

Trish remained Bob's inspiration and with her guidance and helping hands (literally, because the stroke had much reduced Bob’s ability to use his left arm) he was able to re-invent himself, executing many of his finest works, which reinforced Bob’s reputation as Western Australia's foremost contemporary painter, and he remains widely acclaimed as one of Australia's most important artists of the last 50 years.


Together Trish and Bob held 14 solo exhibitions, numerous mixed exhibitions and with Trish's love, help and encouragement, Bob painted some high profile commissions, including the designs for the stained glass windows of the new Bunbury Cathedral which was consecrated  in 2011.


Thanks to Trish's passion and drive, the couple opened the Juniper Galleries in 2011, and since then the Galleries have become a focal point, for both the Juniper memory and for artists throughout Western Australia. Trish was instrumental in 2009 in the quintessential Robert Juniper book by Gavin Fry and for Bob receiving his deserved AM in 2011 for his commitment to the arts.


With her endless energy, optimism and passion, Trish continues the revered legacy of Robert Juniper and has established the Juniper Galleries as an important venue for emerging and established artists.


Since Bob's death, the gallery has provided a valuable resource for new and recognised WA artists, who can often be found there, seeking the benefit of Trish Juniper's knowledge, expertise and guidance.

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